Priston Stories – A cruel Summer Night

Priston Stories – A cruel Summer Night


It was a warm summernight in Pillai, the town where Falara raised up and where she lived the most time of her childhood. Now she wen’t back to her home town and everything reminds her of the old times. While Falara is in memories she tries to hold her blond hair back which gets blowed my a calm wind. For the travel she took wears her purple-goldish robe which is tight to her breasts and hips but gives her a strong feeling, same with her goldish boots which go knee-high. The skirt of the robe is slighty waving in the wind and Falara closes her eyes to enjoy this warm summer breeze.

She is getting a very warm feeling and something is prickling, deep down in her vagina, it is a nice feeling and she is getting excited. Falara stands in a sideway near the market place, but she can’t stop that feeling now and no one seems to be around at that time of the day. She slowly lifts up her Priestess skirt to feel her panties. They are striped with white and a smooth pink and when Falara tries to touch them, she feels that they’re soaked wet.

Falara is turning crazy by this feeling, she is getting hot, she can’t breath anymore, she needs to get a good excitement now. She takes off her panties and she recognizes her pussy dripping. She slowly moves with 2 of her finger on her vagina and starts to open it’s lips, Falara starts to breath heavier and falls on her knees. With her other hand she injects her pointing and middle finger into her vagina while she moans softly. It feels good whiles she moves her fingers, first slower, then getting faster. You can hear Falara breathe now and the moaning is getting louder and louder.

She feels a new way of satisfaction, its making her even hotter and she starts to drool. there is a splashing noise with Falara’s fingers rubbing inside her vagina extremly fast. She rubs faster and faster until she gets the orgasm and moans that it echos through the whole sideway. At the same time she hears silent moaning and feels something dripping on her hair, when she turns around she gets a load of cum right into her face.

In front of her are standing 3 muscular men, having their dicks in their hands and jizzing right on Falara. Falara takes down her skirt and shouts madly at the cum attackers. 2 of them are Knights, the other seems to be a Pikeman. They start to laugh and while Falara seems confused they are even laughing louder and louder. One of them starts to talk: “If that isn’t Falara, the pure and heroic Priestess which lead the armies of King Saractus to fight back the undeads out of whole Priston. Falara, the adored and highly valued Hero of Ricarten. It seems that you aren’t as innocent as everybody thought. “

Falara got shocked inside by this words and stumbles: “Bu.. But i did nothing wrong here, i have my own live and what iam doing in private shouldn’t matter to the public” One of the Knights looks sceptic: “And why do you do that in the public then? that’s pathetic , you are a little slut and deserve even more loads of cum.” The Pikeman steps forward and points at Falara: “Listen girl, if you want us to keep this a secret, you have to make us all feel comfortable. But be warned, a Load of cum will be your last problem.” One of the Knights laughs again: “Yeah Bitch, get ready to open every whole for us. And now get off your fucking clothes!”

Falara has a desperated face now, she hesitates for a while and then starts with undressing her Robe until she sits in underwear and boots. The Pikeman takes the Robe and throughs it down the river: “you won’t need that anymore, same with your wet panties here, but i will keep them.” That guy takes out the wet panties Falara took off earlier, sniffs it and wears it on his head like it is a mask: “Now i can smell your pussy all the time”.

One of the Knights is getting impatient and shouts: “This takes too long you Whore!” and tears off her underwear until she is left with only wearing her Priestess Boots. He grabs the Hair from the kneeling Falara and slaps her Face with his dick from the right cheek to the left cheek, repeating this for a while until he presses his balls into her face. Falara starts to lick them and feels disgusted by this. 

A while after his cock grows to 10 inches, which makes him grab Fala’s whole head now and hammer his cock down her throat a couple of times until he f***es her to take it deep till his balls. He holds her head like this for a hile until he releases her. Falara is couhing heavily and has to spit until she can breath properly again: “Girl, don’t think this was it, the party is just going to begin” on the left and right of each side of Falara suddenly appear the both knights: “go please our cocks!” She takes the cocks in each of her hands and strokes them as hard as she can. The pikeman starts to hammer his 10 inch cock inside her throat ball deep now, in and out in and out, Falara is gagging hard but he doesn’t stop. She stays strong and still strokes the both cocks in her hands, when they suddenly shoot cum from both sides on her hair and hairgear. 

The pikeman didn’t stop to abuse her oral and cums right into her throat, which makes Falara cough and almost choke on his cock and the cum inside her throat. SInce he doesn’t pull out his cock, she stars to swallow all of his cum,then he slowly releases her throat. Falara coudghs hard, her mouth is full of cum leftovers which is dripping down her chin. the mascare is floating down her cheeks, her whole head looks messed up now.

“I hope this was a lesson to you Priestess, you can be proud of yourself now Fuckface!” The guys seem to be finished and Falara wipes away her tears. Then she stands up to finde a place to wash herself. She feels so dirty, so humiliated by this 3 men, they just wanted to ruin her, but at least this is over now, she is released and she will just forget about it. While she walks, one of the knights bares her way: “Did we allow you to go? Like i mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning, this is gonna be your worst nightmare in your life”

Falaras eyes are getting wider…..

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  1. Wow really hot !! and it’s just the beginning, can’t wait to read more !
    good work Fala! makes me want to play Priston tale again 😉

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